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hey yo my fellow homies whats craka lakin?..not a whole lot here just sitting at kristins what else would i be doing..it seems that she has become my other half..lol..not really a bad thing at all...but anyway..kristin,kristins mom n i went to melbourne 4 kristins little cousin laurens bday..now shes 5 shes soo adorable shes like ure my new cousin..n her moms like now i have 2 neices..lol..kristins moms like yah..shes my new child..now i have 2 daughters...heh..by the end of the night i felt like i was just adopted..lol..but anyway yah it was fun going to melbourne they live right across 4m the beach...but the thing is theres a road me n kristin had to hall ass across... & on the way back to her aunts house these 2 cars honked at us n i was like...hey..heh..the bad thing about it is they were prolly like 50 but i didnt even get to se them...lol..it was great but the thing is that there wasnt anyone there..the part we were at had like 3 people tops including me n kristin...yah im soo dumb i couldnt put the towel down it literaly took me about like 5 to 10 minutes just to try n put the towel down when an idea struck me n i did it i was soo proud of myself..lol..me n my stupidity...or as i would say..stupidityness..hah...but anwyay we got bored @ the beach soo we decided to go back to aunt lindas house n go swimming...it was fun...then we came back today n started watching movies..we watched sleeping beauty..witch i hadnt completely seen yet..n then we watched a walk to remember..witch i also only saw bits n peices of b4 soo i finally finished watching it...i cried like a baby i was like man...i wish i had sumone like that...yah then we watched return to me n i was like i think ive seen this b4..n i basically said what happend in the movie....but the thing is i never saw the movie b4 but o well soo we took that out i watched simon birch...cried in that one 2...lol...i love that movie...@ the part were i was crying u hear me crying n then all u hear is kristin laughing her ass off..lol..she wasnt laughing at me though.. she was laughing @ sumthin about her past..i hope..lol...yah but now we are going to watch cinderella...lol..also a great movie..heh..watching all these chick flicks make me see how that never happens in real life..lol..yah..im not that lucky..heh..but enough about this crap...yah...im soo tierd..my eyes are like close stupid close..but yah gotta be off ima go watch cinderella...heh..lata skatas...
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