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ahhh the vibrant little children soo honest at play!: oww..those noisy little runts ima...lol

hello people who ever reads about my life thanks i guess....lol. but anyway yah i had tog et off last night cause my mom was just about to have a cow the milk was comin out of her....lol...that sounded reallly nasty but ull get over it n so will i!!!..but yah anywho ive been good lately ive been hanging out with sum peoples kristin ofcourse what would i do without her!...but yah...i need to hang out with amanda...katlyn n megan soo we can be the 3 muskateers yet again!...lol..that was fun we should defenetly do that yet again!!!...im hoping your room tunred out beautiful!!..but anywho..yah hopefully im gonna hang out with ashley miss mena..because i havent hung out with her since 8th grade n that saddens us..lol....but yah onto happier buisness i hung out with lance,gen,kristin,n i that was fun!..oh n SORRY LANCE FOR ALMOST KILLING US BUT U WOULDNT GO TO BLOCKBUSTER!!!! i atleast had to attempt..haha...n then the fries spilt everywhere..ahh the good times...yah..from hell was a good movie i liked it...thank you gen for giving us the pleasure to watch it...lol...but anyway...yah..life is alright i guess..except for being in this hell hole haft the time..but i atleast acomplished sumthin in this hell hole yesterday..i excersized:i think thats how us pell it:....that was good for me!!!...then i finished doing laundry n folded my clothes n then.....I MADE BROWNIES!!!....it just soo happens to be a quincidence that me n kristin made the same brownies!!!..it was great i told her about it n then shes like i made brownies 2!!n they also had pecans in it!! it was awesome speaking of those brownies they dont sound like a bad idea right about now...ill update later..ttyl8r homes...
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