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hello my feelow people how are you today?
today was alright it was my first day of school...it was good...my clasess seem to be all easy soo i just hope i dont jinx it...lol...but it was alright i had sum unexpected hellos today...WIERD...let me tell you...the freshamn this year are all soo tiny like i am but was last year....its alright though i told myself i wouldnt be like god those fucking freshman just cause im a sophmore now but i cant help it....it sounds really annoying though when u hear it..amanda jones was like all these fukin freshman n im like SHUT UP!!!....it sounds really dumb cause shes still a freshman n she also was one like not even too long ago...well i will write about it more tomorrow cause my moms really tierd soo yah...

love peace and chiken grease..laters
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