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i hope this works! [22 Aug 2004|02:36pm]
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[22 Aug 2004|12:37pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

You are Marilyn Monroe!
You're Marilyn Monroe!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

i hope this works!

how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop'

took this from gen... [18 Aug 2004|06:42pm]
[ mood | blah ]

first best friend/s = Janine Orcino
first job = never really had one
first screen name = bluefox1315
first self purchased cd = i dont kno i think it was a jarule cd
first funeral: raymonds...
first piercing/tattoo = my ears
first enemy = dont remember
first big trip = i think to florida from puerto rico

last car ride = this morning to school
last good cry = last night
last library book checked out = i dont really remember
last beverage drank = ice java with milk and ice
last food consumed = yummm glazed donuts
last phone call = amanda
last time showered = i dont kno..lol..no comment
last shoes worn = my sandals
last song played = the used singing it outside with gen and lance int he rain yesterday!!!!
last annoyance = kid on the bus!!! soo annoying
last time you had sex = im a virgin...

describe your
wallet = it has leopard around the corners and is black
underwear = they have monkeys on them! dif. kinds
tattoos = i dont have any
room = its blue and white
girlfriend: haha girls are bitches and they are evil!!!
parents = annoying my moms arlight my dads in russia

this or that
[boxers or briefs] = boxers
[plaid or striped] = striped
[salt or pepper] = salt
[okay, ok, or o.k.] = ok
[bright colors or dark colors] = both
[tic-tacs or certs] = tic-tacs
[sunshine or rain] = sunshine
[rain or snow] = rain
[sun or moon] = mooon
[silver or gold] = gold
[silk, cotton, or flannel sheets] = silk
[preps or freaks] = freaks
[popcorn-with or w/out butter] = with
[ketchup, mayo, mustard, or relish]= mayo
[shampoo + conditioner in one or separate] = seperate
if you were ____ what would it be?
an animal = id be a cat
a fruit = kiwi
a vegetable = i would have to say...a carrot!
a color = black
a bug = a fire fly

short answer
are you smart? = sumtimes
do you like onions? sumtimes
what instruments can you play? =none
what words do you overuse? = precisely and indeed
do you sleep with socks on? =NO!
are you ticklish? = yes
are you shy? = very
do you talk to yourself? = sometimes
do you have a basement or an attic? = no
did you go to preschool? = no
are you a morning person? = sometimes

you touched?: myself
you talked to?: anthony
you hugged?: my aunt
you instant messaged?: cece
you kissed?: no comment
you yelled at?: roy cause he was making fun of me
you thought about?: bert mcraken
who text messaged you?: no one
who broke your heart?: no one
who told you they loved you?: my mom..lol

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ecstatic!!!! [15 Aug 2004|01:21pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

man last night was ecstatic...

it was soo fn awesome it was the best thing ive ever done! we went to the kinglsy plantation..we heard this noise that was unexplaniotry...but it was really really high pitch and ground level...soo it was defently not an owl...but yah my theory of it was that it was an indian warning the others of visitors...thats what i say...and its what im sticking to but it was soo fn scary man...it was soo great and then i saw a blue lil orb light and when i stared at it..when i saw it it like moved soo it was hiding...it was great...n then i hurt myself on the fence....my calf is bruised and poor lance got cut on his hand and his nub...his nub was bleeding...lol..im sorry buddy...but yah it was soo awesome and thats sumthin i will never forget because i about shit my briks...

nothing more but i shall update later!

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tierd... [09 Aug 2004|09:44pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

hello my feelow people how are you today?
today was alright it was my first day of school...it was good...my clasess seem to be all easy soo i just hope i dont jinx it...lol...but it was alright i had sum unexpected hellos today...WIERD...let me tell you...the freshamn this year are all soo tiny like i am but was last year....its alright though i told myself i wouldnt be like god those fucking freshman just cause im a sophmore now but i cant help it....it sounds really annoying though when u hear it..amanda jones was like all these fukin freshman n im like SHUT UP!!!....it sounds really dumb cause shes still a freshman n she also was one like not even too long ago...well i will write about it more tomorrow cause my moms really tierd soo yah...

love peace and chiken grease..laters

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i ono....but i kno whos BIRTHDAY IT IS!!! [06 Aug 2004|01:29pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHANTIE!!!!... hope its a really good one....but yah...today i am feeling a lil better....yesterday kristin n her mom came over..she died her hair again..witch looks adorable..we took awesome pictures she looked soo good in all of them while i sat there with that sick look upon my face...lol..i was sick what do u expect i still am though..stupid strep throat...then i went next door like an hour later to say hi to mom n jerry n everyone to see how they were....n they were peachy..so then to my surprise guess who was at my house?!...megan and caleb..she cut her hair it looks cute....change is good for everybody wether they like it or not!..change is healthy!
it wasnt really a surprise i knew they were coming i just felt like saying that heh...lol...dude im kinda excited about school...i dont kno i kinda like highschool...n to those who start drama ima be like u kno what ure not in my radar of important people soo have a nice day....haha...lol...i love that..man all the freshman..i wonder how they will take everything?!?!....all i have to say to all them is dont fuck around!!!!...but anyway...man theres nuthing else to say soo i shall be off my lovelys...

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sick.... [04 Aug 2004|05:25pm]
[ mood | sick ]

ooh my lord..im sick...how is it that i dont get sick throughout the whooole summer....n when schools about to start..i get sick?!..i think its a sign!!..haha...yah i have strep throat my head is hurting like a mother...my neck hurts from my swolen glands....my ears are plugged n my nose is stuffed up,i can barely swallow n it just sucks!!!...yesterday i didnt have anything to eat except for sum toast n this cherry pie thing...wich i ended up throwing up!!....not that u needed to kno but yah...heh.
i shall miss roo she was a very happy puppy...n she brighten everyones day...she ate poop yah..but we love her anyway...i didnt really kno reno for a long time as others have but she had a place in my heart...n now reno is in heaven were she can be happy n without pain..i do miss her i must say i was crying when i was on my way to a friends house...i love reno...i dont wanna cry right now because my throat will end up killing me but i shall remember her allways and forever!!!..well my loves i must be off my head is getting worse..tata

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((happyness)) [30 Jul 2004|06:47pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

oooh man im soooo happy!!!..i died my hair black n it looks sooo fukin awesome if u wanna take a peek look at my user info..it doesnt look like me but thats what i was going for!!!....hah!!..it looks awesome im in love!!!....but yah anyway this whole day was spent on doing my hair....my head hurts but it looks soo great....today i introduced herb n gen..i cant beleive u guys live in the same house n have never met b4...oo well..well..now u do!!...but yah i dont really have much to say..soo im out like a fat kid in dodgeball...

*p.s*- ->if u wanna see what it looks like( my hair) click on user info...later days

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got really really bored... [27 Jul 2004|11:57am]
[ mood | excited ]

| y o u |
[name is]:Josmarie
[single or taken]: single
[sex]: female.
[bday]: 11/12/89
[sign]: scorpio
[siblings]: yes
[hair color]: brown
[eye color]:brown
[height]: 5'1 1/2
[in the morning i am]:awake n tierd
[love is]: no were near
[i dream about]: candy

| w i t h | t h e | o p p o s i t e | s e x |
[what do you notice first?]: their teeth
[makes you smile]: their idiotness
[gives you a funny feeling when you see them]:look at me

| w h o |
[last person u slow danced with]: i ono long time ago
[is easiest to talk to]: kristin
[are your best friends?]: KRISTIN..n ASHLEY..lol
[do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?]: nope

| w h o | w a s | t h e | l a s t | p e r s o n
[you talked to on the phone]: kristin
[you instant messaged]:dustin
[you laughed with]: kristin
[you yelled at]:my lil sis
[you kissed]: no comment

| d o | y o u // a r e | y o u |
[could you live without the computer?]: have b4
[what's your favorite food?]: pizza
[whats ur favorite fruit?]:kiwi
[what hurts the most?]: everything
[trust others way too easily?]: nah

| n u m b e r |
[of times i have had my heart broken?]: none thank god
[of hearts i have broken?]: i ono 1
[of drugs taken illegally?]: 1
[of close friends?]:
[of cd's that i own?]: alot
[of things in my past that i regret?]: sum

| o t h e r | t h i n g s |
[i know]: love is blind
[i want]: lying
[i wish]: i found that one person
[i hate]: wet socks
[i miss]: my other half
[i fear]: of being in love
[i hear]: my lil sis annoying voice
[i search]: for the right one
[i love]: my family
[i care]: too much
[i cry]: soo often
[i confuse]: right&wrong
[i need]: sum food
[daydreamer]:hell yah
[brat]: nope
[sarcastic]: very
[goody-goody]: yes
[talkative]: yah..unless im being shy

| f a s h i o n | s t u f f |
[where is your favorite place to shop]:pacsun,forever 21,styles,walmart n target!!!..lol
[any tattoos or piercings]: yes
[what kind of shampoo do you use?]:i ono shampoo
[where do you want to get married?]:a chruch in pr i guess
[how many buddies are online?]: 20
[what would you change about yourself?]:my uglyness

| f a v o r i t e s |
[color]: black,hot pink,green,& red
[boys names]: mikey,guy,angel
[girls names]: nicole,gen,eyvet,denise
[subjects in school]: lunch,eng.
[animals]: kittens,black leopards
[sports]: skate boarding&volleyball

| h a v e | y o u | e v e r |
[given anyone a bath?]: yes
[bungee jumped?]: nope
[made yourself throw up?]: yes(( i was sick n it wouldnt come out))
[skinny dipped?]: no..
[ever been in love?]: nope thank god
[made yourself cry to get out of trouble?]: yes..lol
[pictured your crush naked?]: manytimes
[actually seen your crush naked?]: nope
[cried when someone died?]: yes
[lied]: yes
[fallen for your best friend?]: yah
[rejected someone]: yes
[used someone?]: no using people is bad!!!
[done something you regret?]: no

| c u r r e n t |
[clothes]:gray spagheti strap,blue&yellow shorts,white bra,nstrieped thong with a fruit on the back
[music]: silence
[make-up]: none
[annoyance]: people who whine
[favorite group]: the casualties
[desktop picture]: hello kitty
[in your cd player]: the used
[color of toenails]: black with purple

| a r e | y o u |
[understanding]: sometimes
[open-minded]: yah
[arrogant]: no
[insecure]: yes
[random]: i ono
[hungry]: very
[smart]: sumtimes
[moody]: yes
[hard working]: sometimes
[healthy]: i guess
[shy]: yes!!!
[difficult]: very!!
[bored easily]: yes too easily
[messy]: yes
[responsible]: very!!!
[obsessed]: no
[angry]: most of the time
[sad]: ya
[trusting]: huh?

| w h o | d o | y o u | w a n n a |
[kill]: annoying bitches
[slap]: megan..lol..
[look like]: angelina jolie
[all i need is]: sum booz..lol..j.k
[kiss]: no one at the moment

| w h i c h | i s | b e t t e r |
[coke or pepsi]: coke:pepsis too sweet:
[flowers or candy]: candy
[tall or short]: short..n tall i ono

| d o | y o u | e v e r |
[sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to im you?]: no
[save conversations]: yes
[wish you were a member of the opposite sex?]:only for a day or 2 to see what its like
[wish you were younger]: no!!!
[cried because someone said something to you?]: maybe

| f i n a l | q u e s t i o n s |
[do you like filling these out?]: no their annoying..but they take up time
[gold or silver]: gold
[what was the last film you saw at the movies?]: sleep over haha
[favorite cartoon/anime]: fairly odd parents
[what did you have for breakfast this morning]: havent had any yet
[who would you love being locked in a room with]: a vampire
[would you color your hair]: yes i am going to
[could you ever get off the computer]: yah im about to
[habla espanol]: si,vengo de Puerto Rico
[how many people are on your buddy list]:163
[drink alcohol]: no comment
[like watching sunrises or sunsets]: i would love to



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hMmMmmm..... [26 Jul 2004|12:49pm]
[ mood | drained ]

oooooh man im watching jerry springer that is sum really funny ass shit!!!..hah...but yah anyway friday me n megan went to the mall in HIGH HEELS!!!....i recomend that u never do that unless u have comfortable high heels because then u get blisters like me n megan...
but wat was really funny about the blisters was while she was on the phone with caleb...i popped my blister n water came out...then i did that to another one...n then the last one the water flew out into megans eye!!!..lmao...that shit was soo funny but it was all soo nasty!!!...
then saturday i stayed home n didnt excersiced..i think i forgot to mention the part were caleb came over n it was like 9 or 10 n my mom was sleepin soo i didnt want to wake her up n then we heard her in the kitchen n they came out of my room n my mom was soo pissed n my mom was like u cant hang out with megan anymore u can talk to her on the phone n hang out with her at school but u cant hang out with her anymore..then we talked n then she was like this is her last chance u can hang out with her now n i was like thanks mom...then i told megan we couldnt hang out anymore...i was being serious n shes like thats gay n i was like no it isnt people have very different ways of lookin at things...n shes like i kno but thats still gay!!!..shes like i didnt do anything then she was lookin down n a tear came down her cheek n i was like awww dont cry n she said: thats gay that we cant hang out all because of a boy..lol...n i had already explained to her that we can hang out now but it started out we cant hang out..i guess she hadnt got it cause she did cry..it was cute...then sunday um...during the day did nuthin then i took a shower n kristin came over we ate taco bell went to the roxy n had a blast ..after that bad insident sorry kristin babe u seriously should of told me n i would have nut cheked the guy!!!..i love you dont ever let that happend again!!!...u looked like u had blast after words!!! thank u soo very much for..................ummm.........EVERYTHING!!! yah..i loved how we sang in the car..i think ure grandparents were gettin really annoyed!!!...haha oo well they didnt say anything..well anyway..movin on....tomorrowhopefully ASHLEY MENA is gonna come over n we will chill n hang out im soo excited cause i havent hung out with her scince.....8TH GRADE WHEN SHE MOVED TO ORANGE PARK N LEFT ME!!!...but yah anywho...umm....anyway nuthin else to say soo love peace n chiken grease....: )

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what shall i do today with my hair?!?!?!?! [23 Jul 2004|01:45pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

o..m..f...g..i need to find out wut ima do with my hair!!! i wanna die it sooo bad i wanna die it either black...blonde.with highlights...ligfht brown..red r w.e god bless it!!! man see if i die it black ima look really pale...then if i die it blonde ima prolly look dumb..tan..or PALE!!!....as u can tell i dont like lookin pale..then if i die it red u..that might just look good i guess...but i dont want it red anymore i died it red last time!!!...i need to figure out witch one i want n witch one looks awesome...i might just die it black n cut it n have my mom straighten it!! soo it looks awesome...i dont kno what i shall do i hope i find out soon as well...well yah anyway besides my hair i might hang out with megan today n go UNDERWARE shoppin cause she has this one card thingy that gives us free underware...haha..well yah anyway..i need to figure out what im gonna do n stick with it n hopefully it all turns out wonderfully splendid!!!!!...im like having such a nervous breakdown...n it all prolly just sounds realy preppy but i dont give a rats ass right now!!!..man anywho...yah i might go to the roxy this sunday...i dont kno if i should or not it was fun but i dont really think its my scene but then again it was pretty cool....hmmm..what to do..what to do..il figure it out sumday...hopefully even today!!!!urgh-->!!!::times 3:: but yah....im such a nervous reck n i dont even kno why..!!!!my god!!...ooo man well i will update later n see wether i did or didnt die my hair period...crap a doodle!! later my prettys

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ahhh the vibrant little children soo honest at play!: oww..those noisy little runts ima...lol [22 Jul 2004|11:41am]
[ mood | refreshed ]

hello people who ever reads about my life thanks i guess....lol. but anyway yah i had tog et off last night cause my mom was just about to have a cow the milk was comin out of her....lol...that sounded reallly nasty but ull get over it n so will i!!!..but yah anywho ive been good lately ive been hanging out with sum peoples kristin ofcourse what would i do without her!...but yah...i need to hang out with amanda...katlyn n megan soo we can be the 3 muskateers yet again!...lol..that was fun we should defenetly do that yet again!!!...im hoping your room tunred out beautiful!!..but anywho..yah hopefully im gonna hang out with ashley miss mena..because i havent hung out with her since 8th grade n that saddens us..lol....but yah onto happier buisness i hung out with lance,gen,kristin,n i that was fun!..oh n SORRY LANCE FOR ALMOST KILLING US BUT U WOULDNT GO TO BLOCKBUSTER!!!! i atleast had to attempt..haha...n then the fries spilt everywhere..ahh the good times...yah..from hell was a good movie i liked it...thank you gen for giving us the pleasure to watch it...lol...but anyway...yah..life is alright i guess..except for being in this hell hole haft the time..but i atleast acomplished sumthin in this hell hole yesterday..i excersized:i think thats how us pell it:....that was good for me!!!...then i finished doing laundry n folded my clothes n then.....I MADE BROWNIES!!!....it just soo happens to be a quincidence that me n kristin made the same brownies!!!..it was great i told her about it n then shes like i made brownies 2!!n they also had pecans in it!! it was awesome speaking of those brownies they dont sound like a bad idea right about now...ill update later..ttyl8r homes...

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omfng!!!! [21 Jul 2004|08:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

W0W...man i have not updated in such a loooooooonnnggg time dude isnt it great lol but anyway b4 i say how ive been i would like to thank...my buddy MANDER!!!....thank you soo much i dotn kno what i would do without you!!!..we should hang out soon...but yah umm i havent written anything since the 4th of july soo that is a loooooonnnnggg time..heh...but yah ive been pretty good i guess.....my mom got a job im soo proud of her!!!!..but yah ive been hanging out with sum homies kristin!..my bestes friend of all time....ive been hanging out with megan lately.....me n megan are friends yet again but dont worry kristin ull allways be my best friend megan or no megan....ummm...yah me n krisitn watched the pest soo many times we have it memorized..its wiked cool....lol...we also made brownies.....kristin...megan...n i went to the roxy on sunday that was fun except for all these bubbles clotering me n makin me feel Cl0sTeRpHoBiC!!! it was horrible but also tons of fun.....hehehhe...but yah.....n then megan went home early sucked for her..n me n kristin danec with sumretards n eachother...lol..it was great hopefully i wont be broke n i can go this sunday n if i cant then that sux!!..but yah n then me n megan hung out yesterday n i made myself n anklet that says josmarie....and she made a braclet for her significent other caleb..lol...it has pink n purple beads..but i have to get off cause my mom is getting agrivated i will tell u soon more...later toots!!

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*(hApPy..4tH..oF..jUlY)* [04 Jul 2004|11:03pm]
[ mood | touched ]

hey yo my fellow homies whats craka lakin?..not a whole lot here just sitting at kristins what else would i be doing..it seems that she has become my other half..lol..not really a bad thing at all...but anyway..kristin,kristins mom n i went to melbourne 4 kristins little cousin laurens bday..now shes 5 shes soo adorable shes like ure my new cousin..n her moms like now i have 2 neices..lol..kristins moms like yah..shes my new child..now i have 2 daughters...heh..by the end of the night i felt like i was just adopted..lol..but anyway yah it was fun going to melbourne they live right across 4m the beach...but the thing is theres a road me n kristin had to hall ass across... & on the way back to her aunts house these 2 cars honked at us n i was like...hey..heh..the bad thing about it is they were prolly like 50 but i didnt even get to se them...lol..it was great but the thing is that there wasnt anyone there..the part we were at had like 3 people tops including me n kristin...yah im soo dumb i couldnt put the towel down it literaly took me about like 5 to 10 minutes just to try n put the towel down when an idea struck me n i did it i was soo proud of myself..lol..me n my stupidity...or as i would say..stupidityness..hah...but anwyay we got bored @ the beach soo we decided to go back to aunt lindas house n go swimming...it was fun...then we came back today n started watching movies..we watched sleeping beauty..witch i hadnt completely seen yet..n then we watched a walk to remember..witch i also only saw bits n peices of b4 soo i finally finished watching it...i cried like a baby i was like man...i wish i had sumone like that...yah then we watched return to me n i was like i think ive seen this b4..n i basically said what happend in the movie....but the thing is i never saw the movie b4 but o well soo we took that out i watched simon birch...cried in that one 2...lol...i love that movie...@ the part were i was crying u hear me crying n then all u hear is kristin laughing her ass off..lol..she wasnt laughing at me though.. she was laughing @ sumthin about her past..i hope..lol...yah but now we are going to watch cinderella...lol..also a great movie..heh..watching all these chick flicks make me see how that never happens in real life..lol..yah..im not that lucky..heh..but enough about this crap...yah...im soo tierd..my eyes are like close stupid close..but yah gotta be off ima go watch cinderella...heh..lata skatas...

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Im BaCk 4m pr!!! [28 Jun 2004|06:50pm]
[ mood | content ]

hello my fellow homies how art thou? im fine im chillin at kristins house updating my journal well...anyway let me tell you about the 3 weeks i spent in puerto rico it wouldve been funner if my mom had a car n i wasnt allways stuck at my granmas house but itws all good atleast i spent sumtime with my grandma more than i usually do soo when she dies i can be like we watched her soapohperas or how ever u spell that while i was there soo yah but anyway she lives in like the ghetto n i member when i was 5 or 6 we weer all at my grandmas house n all of the sudden i hear gunshots n im the only one who drop down to the floor n that about shit my pants..lol..but yah back to my vacation..it was soo hot but i got really tan i dont look like im white anymore...i mean its not like being white is bad its just im not white n sum people confused me..even my teachers at school confused my ethnic region...lol..but yah over there there was just a whole bunch of stray dogs amock n hens everywere i would wake up to them it was kinda annoying but i got usto it the beacehs are SOOOOO PRETTY!!!!! theur like terqouise its was great hah...let me tell u sumthin...i was at the beach with my cousin n we were walking around when this lifeguard goes...some here soo we go over there n hes like i think ive seen u b4..do you guys go to the university of PUERTO RICO?..n were like....no?!?! i was thinkin like how frikin pathetic can u get i mean i dont even live in puerto rico n were like no n he was like u dont go to the university of pr?..n were like no were in highschool...n hes like how young are u guys n im like 14 n my cousins like 15 n hes like damn.....i was gonna ask for your phone # but....n i was walking away n i said out loud....ummm no!..god it was the funniest thing cus my cousinw as like ooh look at him n then when we got closer we were like NASTY!..it was sumthin i wont forget..but yah umm it was fun in puerto rico the only bad thing about it was that there was no ac n people pver there are wild drivers n it would just be surprising how bad it is but their like that cause the roads are soo small n soo messed up..but puerto rico is beautiful! i could go on n on but i dont really feel like it...me n kristin went to see white chicks yesterday it was the funniest thing ever it was awesome but anyway...yah...back to puerto rico..i missed you all of u important people to me n it sucked not being able to talk to you guys as much as i wanted but im home again n i think i might be staying 4 a while..the person i missed the most was my bestes friend in the whole wide world....KRISTIN!!!...i wish i oculdve been there 4 your party but next year its us!!! n no drama or stupidityness...well nuthin else to type soo with a hug n a kiss im out like this....

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SkAnK hOuR!!!..heheh [29 May 2004|12:56pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

hello peoples what are ups to? not a whole lot here but anywho...yesterday was cray tons of fun we hung out at my house watched sum movies me n kristin watched thirteen n then caleb came by n said hey staid 4 like 5 to 10 minutes then left then derek came over with his brother dustin n we watched freddy vs. jason seen it b4 but i thought it was more funny n stupid then scary n disturbing then my bro came home n was like wtf u guys are already watching movies without me..but then he got over it then afta words derek n his bro left n my bro kristin n i watched the exorcist n it was more funny n disturbing than scary like everyone makes it out to be soo yah me n kristin just laughed...hey..may i speak with kristin?!?...SORRY SHES NOT HERE RIGHT NOW WANNA LEAVE A MESSAGE?! lol kristin knows what im talking about also....fuck me fuck me!! heheh but anyway yah enough of that then after the exorcist we watched Big Fish n i fell asleep heheh pooor kristin she had to stay up with my bro i mean she did try to go to sleep but my bro would be like....kristin....are u asleep?..n then shes like....no..not anymore.... hehehe great times great times...but anyway yah n then I FINALLY WOKE UP...n i watched half of once upon a time in mexico it was.....it was ok i guess..lol then today we went to my moms friends pool party were me n kristin hung out n swam n then ate n then swam again...then ate again...hehe we sound like lil piggies but oo well who the fuck cares i mean obviously not me!... but anyway soo now we are home at my casa n we are waiting 4 the brownies to be finished soo we can eat some more!!...lol anywho no more to say but...yah....later..hope ure day was as exciting as mine...oo yah n then yesterday b4 me n kristin hung out i went to the mall n got some SKANKY ass clothes u kno cause im just skank n i have to keep my rep...but anyway yah have a nice day..oh shit kristin i think i smell smoke....kristin shit the brownies!! urgh!..holy...:beeeeeeeeeeepppp:

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thanks david this is all for you! [27 May 2004|04:09pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

yah thanks david ure words are crushal n very hurtful it hurts too see that u think of me in such way n if thats how u see things thats fine n since im such a child then ure a rapist cause u went out with a child!!...thats very nice isnt it? i mean u critize me on how u think of me n it hurts cause then i bet you later on ull be like i was only mad blah blah blah u know how i am n if u dont then w.e ure choice...n if im such a child why did u block me thats sumthing a child would do... i know guys only like me cause of my ass n u know ive already come to that conlusion i mean look at me n i mean u know how i actually am it just makes me sick how big of an asshole u can be towards ym feelings that really hurts soo i hope ure happy i mean anyting to make u happy right? n ive never worn a skirt were it shows my underwear n i dont have underware that say boo boo they say boo n i dotn go around letting my utilities hang out because im the least appealing skank u will ever meet!ure words cut me like a million stabbing nives!..n if u get a joy out of making people mad upset n sad than ure very sick n twisted i wish the best to u in ure future life n o yah i soo did not know you were a fortune letter...i guess you just lost a million dollars!!! tty NEVER!! you ass whipe!

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ToDaY has only begun... [27 May 2004|03:26pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

what is up yo? not a whole lot just sitting her chatting to sum people online not that u people care but w.e anyway ya i was supposed to go shopping 4 sum clothes but then my dad decided to just leave n come home whenever which makes me upset because i told him we were going to go out shopping... but he leaves & then he comes back n is like im not going anywere...urgh..thats strike one 4 today....strike 2 my mom pissed me off alot but then i talk to my sister jeniffer who made me crak up soo much i love you jenny!!! but anyway yah thats strike 2...strike 3 is this asshole named david n i hope ure reading this u fucking piss me off soo bad dude u just fucking made my day!!thats all i needed n i wanna say THANKS A LOT!!!...n if i go shopping do u think the mall will enough sluty clothes 4 me cause u know im such a slut!!....anyway enough about unimportant situations..yah oo kristin n cece n everyone else that wishes to hang out call me soo we can schedule a day 4 all of us to hang out!!!:smiley face: but anyway yah tt peoples later...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!!..i know we dont talk n i dont like u much but that doesnt mean i wont say happy birthday!..later homes

how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop'

[26 May 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

ooooh man these past few days have been fun i hung out with megan s n kata n sam tuesday it was bootifully fun it was awesome..lol...ZEBRA LIPS..haha n ROCK THERAPY!!...do u ahve a headache?...rock therapy will do the trick...hahah but anyway yah we painted at megans house today it was soo much fun n i accidently hurt katlyn IM SORRY BABE!!! I LOVE YOU..n sorry sara that we didnt hang out today but we will once u feel better after surgery but yah i told this kid ryan how i felt n now hes all bein dumb about everythin n wont talk to kristin but atleast he knows the truth now but yah enough about all this ACE VENTURA IS NOT A MOVIE 4 GAY POEOPLE!!....a lot of nice young hip people watch it to..lol anyway yah nuthin else but ill update morrow cause my moms about to have a cow..love ya guys yall take care now ya hear?..lol later...

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[24 May 2004|06:02pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

hey peoples yah today was fun i stayed at home n talked online 4 hours now im waiting 4 megan to call me when she gets home n we can chill me n one of ym friends argued 4 hours 2 it was soo much fun thanks hun than now im on the phone with the one and only ....*u know who u r* n anyway yah talking to lance online my budy i miss you..well yah im going to tell u guys about my entertaining summer its ognna be great cause im going to puerto rico on the 4th of june n coming back on the 25th of june n im sorry kristin i wont be here !! i still love you HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! but anyway yah..anyway nuthin else ill find sumthin else to write about..later..

how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop'

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