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ooooh man these past few days have been fun i hung out with megan s n kata n sam tuesday it was bootifully fun it was awesome..lol...ZEBRA LIPS..haha n ROCK THERAPY!!...do u ahve a headache?...rock therapy will do the trick...hahah but anyway yah we painted at megans house today it was soo much fun n i accidently hurt katlyn IM SORRY BABE!!! I LOVE YOU..n sorry sara that we didnt hang out today but we will once u feel better after surgery but yah i told this kid ryan how i felt n now hes all bein dumb about everythin n wont talk to kristin but atleast he knows the truth now but yah enough about all this ACE VENTURA IS NOT A MOVIE 4 GAY POEOPLE!!....a lot of nice young hip people watch it to..lol anyway yah nuthin else but ill update morrow cause my moms about to have a cow..love ya guys yall take care now ya hear?..lol later...
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