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ToDaY has only begun...

what is up yo? not a whole lot just sitting her chatting to sum people online not that u people care but w.e anyway ya i was supposed to go shopping 4 sum clothes but then my dad decided to just leave n come home whenever which makes me upset because i told him we were going to go out shopping... but he leaves & then he comes back n is like im not going anywere...urgh..thats strike one 4 today....strike 2 my mom pissed me off alot but then i talk to my sister jeniffer who made me crak up soo much i love you jenny!!! but anyway yah thats strike 2...strike 3 is this asshole named david n i hope ure reading this u fucking piss me off soo bad dude u just fucking made my day!!thats all i needed n i wanna say THANKS A LOT!!!...n if i go shopping do u think the mall will enough sluty clothes 4 me cause u know im such a slut!!....anyway enough about unimportant situations..yah oo kristin n cece n everyone else that wishes to hang out call me soo we can schedule a day 4 all of us to hang out!!!:smiley face: but anyway yah tt peoples later...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!!..i know we dont talk n i dont like u much but that doesnt mean i wont say happy birthday!..later homes
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