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oooooh man im watching jerry springer that is sum really funny ass shit!!!..hah...but yah anyway friday me n megan went to the mall in HIGH HEELS!!!....i recomend that u never do that unless u have comfortable high heels because then u get blisters like me n megan...
but wat was really funny about the blisters was while she was on the phone with caleb...i popped my blister n water came out...then i did that to another one...n then the last one the water flew out into megans eye!!!..lmao...that shit was soo funny but it was all soo nasty!!!...
then saturday i stayed home n didnt excersiced..i think i forgot to mention the part were caleb came over n it was like 9 or 10 n my mom was sleepin soo i didnt want to wake her up n then we heard her in the kitchen n they came out of my room n my mom was soo pissed n my mom was like u cant hang out with megan anymore u can talk to her on the phone n hang out with her at school but u cant hang out with her anymore..then we talked n then she was like this is her last chance u can hang out with her now n i was like thanks mom...then i told megan we couldnt hang out anymore...i was being serious n shes like thats gay n i was like no it isnt people have very different ways of lookin at things...n shes like i kno but thats still gay!!!..shes like i didnt do anything then she was lookin down n a tear came down her cheek n i was like awww dont cry n she said: thats gay that we cant hang out all because of a boy..lol...n i had already explained to her that we can hang out now but it started out we cant hang out..i guess she hadnt got it cause she did cry..it was cute...then sunday um...during the day did nuthin then i took a shower n kristin came over we ate taco bell went to the roxy n had a blast ..after that bad insident sorry kristin babe u seriously should of told me n i would have nut cheked the guy!!!..i love you dont ever let that happend again!!!...u looked like u had blast after words!!! thank u soo very much for..................ummm.........EVERYTHING!!! yah..i loved how we sang in the car..i think ure grandparents were gettin really annoyed!!!...haha oo well they didnt say anything..well anyway..movin on....tomorrowhopefully ASHLEY MENA is gonna come over n we will chill n hang out im soo excited cause i havent hung out with her scince.....8TH GRADE WHEN SHE MOVED TO ORANGE PARK N LEFT ME!!!...but yah anywho...umm....anyway nuthin else to say soo love peace n chiken grease....: )
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